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The Origin

Growing up as young black man from the city of St. Louis – I became a product of The St. Louis Public Schools System. I was inspired by my humble living conditions to carve a bright pathway forward. Through my trials, I developed a deep passion to help others & even more so to help others who look like me & grew up in similar circumstances because we had little to no resources.

My passion for giving back always blossomed throughout my career. Service to others is the underlying theme of my career. I worked in management for Sony PlayStation, I took initiative to utilize them for my philanthropy. Employees were allowed 1 work day annually for community service. The Day of Service at PlayStation sparked my idea to combine gaming with philanthropy in my own unique way. I decided to utilize gaming as a way to give back to the public schools in my city. I brought the newest gaming technology to these schools for all grade levels to enjoy. The kids’ excitement was clear and teachers took notice. I got the opportunity to bring gaming to different departments within schools from the board of education to parent teacher conferences. I have been fortunate enough to build countless relationships through the impact of gaming. Through these relationships, I have reached and mentored many kids and have shown them that they can become their greatest potential.

In time, I realized my purpose. My interest lies in giving back. I reached a crossroads. I decided to take the leap on my personal path and incorporate gaming into what I love. I can now whole heartedly pour myself into philanthropy without the feeling that I am doing it for the betterment of someone else’s dream. Realizing I wanted to do things my own way, I created The BGG Foundation.

– Robert Powell III, CEO

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to empowering socioeconomically disadvantaged youth by utilizing gamilng to lead them to higher education.

Our Team


Dr. Chino Erokwu

Service has been ingrained in my core since childhood. One of the first lessons my mother taught me was the value of giving back to others in a meaningful way.
I have carried this lesson as the guiding light throughout my life and my career. Serving others was the main motivation for me to pursue dentistry. The unique and pointed mission of the BGG foundation has added fuel to my fire for philanthropy. I am excited to be a part of such a powerful movement and am looking forward to its growth.

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J Bird

In my endeavors of giving back, I found a passion to impact the lives of kids that come from challenging situations because the seeds that you plant can grow into something amazing.At BGG Foundation the kids are the future.I am a self-taught music recording artist, songwriter, composer, and producer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many of my records reach millions of listeners and have people of all walks of life attend my concerts. Reaching that level of notoriety in my community, I knew that I had to take the information that I learned and use it to impact others. I wanted to have a greater positive impact on the children of my community – thus forming the BGG Foundation. Now, I’m able to incorporate the skills I have learned into mentorships for kids that desire to get into music. Blending gaming with music to captivate the youth has been an amazing journey since they go hand in hand with each other. I believe music and gaming are two things that are universal. It doesn’t matter the age or era that you were born in. Everyone enjoys great music. Anyone can enjoy a great game.

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Robert Powell Jr

I am a seasoned professional who excels at hands on work. I have over 30 years of experience of work. From Mechanical, HVAC, Truck Driving, Plumbing, etc there is not much I have not done. I have a passion to give back especially to our young men who are trying to figure it all out. With BGG Foundation I use my life experience as a tool for young men and women to grow and achieve sustained independence with mentorship, skill development, & career planning.

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